Becky L. Shelton, D.V.M.
Murrayville, Georgia
Phone: 770-538-0743

Why Use A Mobile Veterinary Service?

There are many benefits to a house call practice; see if you don't agree.  You do not have to load your animals who may hate to travel into the car and listen to them bark/howl/meow all the way to the clinic.  Or, perhaps transportation is a problem and you have a sick pet that needs to be seen right away.  Perhaps your work schedule makes it difficult for you to take multiple animals to be seen; I will work with you to find a time when it is most convenient for you.  If you have three of four young children plus multiple animals it is almost impossible to control all of them at the same time in a typical clinic setting.  This service is also extremely helpful to senior citizens who may have limited mobility.  And perhaps best of all, the waiting is in your own home rather than a waiting room full of other anxious, possibly sick, pets and stressed owners.  I enjoy mobile practice because no two days are ever the same and I get to work with calm, relaxed pets on their own "turf".